Opening ceremony of Centre of Administration in Wielka Wieś

img_6637lrg.jpg Opening ceremony of Centre of Administration in Wielka Wieś took place on Thursday, 09.06.2016. The Mayor of Wielka Wieś Tadeusz Wójtowicz , Vice Voivod of Malopolska Region Piotr Ćwiek, Cracow District Head Józef Krzyworzeka and Head of Community Council Zbigniew Mazela together with architects Barbara Grąbczewska and Oskar Grąbczewski and general contractor Waldemar Stolarski of SKANSKA S.A. cut the ribbon and officialy opened the centre. We would like to thank to everybody involved in the design and construction process, especially to our investor, general contractor and last but not least our design team. It took six years full of work and engagement and the final result is very satysfying !